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Updated 7/2023


Show Schedule - Pee-Wee, Breeding, Market, Showmanship

Richard Hallock, Superintendent

  1. The exhibitor must have owned the ewes and/or lambs prior to July 1. Lambs must show lamb teeth.

  2. All lambs must be registered in their respective breed association.

  3. Each exhibitor is allowed to bring 2 entries per class in the breeding classes, including crossbred ewes. No limit on the market class.

  4. All market lambs (not breeding stock) must be completely slick sheared.

  5. Market lambs will be weighed once only Saturday, September 2nd, 8:00 a.m.

  6. Wethers and Ewes are eligible to be shown as market lambs.

  7. See Animal Health under Sheep

  8. Wether Spring Ewe lamb class will be broken by weight.

  9. State Fair rules apply to clipping market animals. Wether-type ewes and rams must be slick sheared prior to arrival. NO CLIPPING ON FAIRGROUNDS.

  10. All Market Lambs will be shown as crossbreds.

Class codes will be the same for all breeds except a letter will be added to each class to designate the breed (as designated in the breed codes.) Example: Suffolk Yearling Ewe will be class S123.

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