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Updated 7/2024


Show Schedule - Pee-Wee, Breeding, Market, Showmanship

Bob Harlow & Richard Hallock, Superintendents

  1. All animals shown must have been owned by the exhibitor prior to Aug. 1st of the current year.

  2. Wether classes will be divided into groups by weight.

  3. Goats must meet the same health and grooming requirements and identification rules as Missouri State Fair.

  4. Animals may be hand held or led by a rope and/or halter.

  5. Each exhibitor will be limited to two entries in each class including wether class, either two purchased or two home raised or one of each.

  6. Percentages and Full Bloods will show together.

  7. No bucks over 12 months

Class codes will be the same for all breeds except a letter will be added to each class to designate the breed (as designated in the breed codes.) Example: Dairy Type Doe, 4 months old will be class D102.

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