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Updated 7/2023

Rabbit Show

Rabbit Superintendents: Brandy Burton and Katie Bowles

Friday, September 1st 2023 at 6:00PM
Rabbits in place by 4pm, Showmanship Begins 4pm, Judging Begins 6pm 

Entries Close August 28th 2023, Pre Entry Required

4 Class Age/Sex Class Letters
Senior Buck – A
Senior Doe – B
Junior Buck – E
Junior Doe – F

Senior Rabbit is a rabbit 6 months and over.

Junior Rabbit is any rabbit under 6 months of age.

6 Class Age/Sex Class Letters
Senior Buck – A
Senior Doe – B
Intermediate Buck – C
Intermediate Doe – D
Junior Buck – E
Junior Doe – F

Senior Rabbit is a rabbit 8 months and over
Inter. or 6/8 Rabbit is a rabbit 6 months and over, but less than 8 months of age
Junior Rabbit is any rabbit under 6 months of age

Meat Pen is 3 rabbits of the same breed, up to 10 weeks old, weighing 3.5-5.5 lbs each. Rabbits will be weighed by judge.


1. By entering in this show you take full and complete responsibility for your health and the health of your rabbits. 

2. Due to Covid 19 exhibitors are recommended to wear a face covering and practice social distancing while at the show. Hand sanitizer, masks will be available. 

3. Due to RHDV2 all exhibitors and parents are urged to take all bio security measures, such as bringing a clean pair of shoes to change into and wear at the show. Keeping distance between you and other exhibitors rabbits and supplies, avoid handling other exhibitors rabbits. 

4. All rabbits will be required to have a health certificate to show. 

5. There will NOT be any tables provided in the show ring this year; exhibitors need to supply their own if desired. 

6. There will be a BBQ for exhibitors in the livestock area this year provided by Farmers Bank of Northern MO. 

7. This is an all (50) breed show, additional breed class numbers will be added as needed. 

8. Exhibitor Shirt and Jeans are required to be eligible to show. 

9. Pre Entry is REQUIRED; contact Rabbit Superintendent for entry form & info. Entry fee will be $2 per each entry, Deadline for entries Monday Aug 28th, 2023 NO Substitutions after Aug. 28th 

Any entry after Monday Aug 28th will be $20 per each entry. 

10. Rabbit exhibitors will be limited to two entries per class per variety, maximum of 10 entries per exhibitor.

11. Sign in and health check will begin at 2:00 pm. Rabbits must be in place by 4:00pm. Showmanship will begin at 5:00pm.  Pee wee show (if any entries) will start at 6 pm. Rabbits will be released at the conclusion of the show. 

12. Upon arrival, each rabbit will go through a health check. Any animal showing evidence of any disease, open sores, or ear mites will  not be permitted to show. 

13. Classes will be judged by ARBA standards. ARBA disqualifications, including weight, will be noted at the time of judging but the rabbit will not be dismissed from the show. 

For more information and entry form, contact Rabbit Superintendents Brandy Burton or Katie Bowles at 816-351-0799 or
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