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Updated 7/2023





  • 7:30-9:00AM     Goat Arrival and Registration 

  • 10:00AM           Goat Show​

  • 3:00-8:00PM      Swine Registration and Weigh-In/Beef Registration

  • 2:00-4:00PM      Rabbit Check-In

  • 4:00PM              Rabbit Showmanship

  • 5:00-8:00PM      Sheep Registration

  • 6:00PM              Rabbit Show


  • 8:00AM             Sheep Weigh-In

  • 8:15AM             Exhibitor Meeting

  • 8:30AM             Swine Show

  • 8:00-10:00AM    Poultry Check-In and Registration/Beef Registration

  • 12:00PM            Poultry Show

  • ​1:00PM              Sheep Show

  • 2:00PM              Beef Weigh-In

  • 3:00PM              Super Farmer Contest sponsored by Harrison County Farm Bureau


  • 10:00AM             Beef Show

  • 5:00PM                Premium Sale

Show Schedule

Pee-Wee Show

Breeding Animals

Market Animals




For more information or rules & regulations for one of the shows, please find the appropriate link on the left side.

*Entries in all sections open to any Missouri and Ringgold and Decatur County, Iowa boy or girl who is properly supervised and enrolled in FFA or 4-H Club work, as specified in Department Regulations.

*Plan of Awarding Premiums

It is the desire or the State Department of Agriculture to establish a uniform system of awarding prizes to all junior fairs and shows. Animals will be placed in gold, silver and bronze ribbon groups. Unworthy animals will not be placed. The point value of premiums will be as follows:


The maximum value per point on all above classes is 60 cents. In case the number of exhibits prevents payment on the maximum value, the value per point will be determined by dividing total money by the total points in all exhibits. The first and second animals in each market class will be shown for championship and reserve judging.

Junior Exhibitors Show


  1. Pens and stalls will be assigned.

  2. All animals entered for premiums in this department shall be housed and exhibited as designated by the Bethany Fair, Inc.

  3. Every precaution will be taken to protect exhibits, but neither the Bethany Fair, Inc., 4-H Clubs, or FFA Chapters will be responsible for any losses or damages to exhibits.

  4. Championship competition does not require entry.

  5. 4-H and FFA livestock will be shown together.

  6. All feed and bedding must be furnished by the exhibitor at his expense.

  7. All stalls must be kept clean and refuse disposed of as directed. Any stall or pen left  unattended or unclean, the exhibitor will be asked to remove the livestock for the remainder of the show.

  8. Exhibitors should accompany their animals to the show and care for them. Exhibitor must present animal before the judge unless pre-approved by the superintendent. Exhibitor shirts & jeans are required any time the exhibitor is in the show ring with their animal.

  9. Only registered animals will be allowed to show in the purebred breeding classes, with the exception of Goats and Rabbits. Registration papers must be furnished.

  10. In order to have proper release papers, all pens must pass inspection by department superintendent. Any stall not passing inspection will result in loss of premium money.

  11. Please read individual regulations under each Department.

  12. Any animal removed from premises without a release from the superintendent will result in an automatic forfeiture of all show premium money. (Also forfeiture of any Harrison County Commissioners money.)

  13. Each exhibitor will be limited to two entries in each class including market; ex. Either two purchased or two home raised or one of each in the poultry, goat & beef show. Rabbit exhibitors will be limited to two entries in each class per variety.

  14. Showmanship will be at the end of each respective species show. Classes will be divided by age as follows: 15 & up Senior; 12, 13 & 14 Intermediate; 8, 9, 10 & 11 Junior. Bucket Calf exhibitors and Pee Wee sheep and swine exhibitors are not eligible. No Boars or Bulls eligible for showmanship.

  15. Definition of Home Raised Animal: Birthing mother of animal exhibited must be family owned and offspring exhibited must be born on the Parents or Grandparents farm.

  16. To assist someone in the showring, you must be an exhibitor and you must have a show shirt on.

  17. Out of state 4-H must go by MO 4-H Guidelines. This applies to all exhibitors.

  18. We are using the age of the 4-H year.


  1. All animals entered must be owned by exhibitor and been fed and cared for and developed as their 4-H project.

  2. In case of purebreds, registration or transfer papers must be furnished. Transfers must be made prior to June 1 of the current year. In case of grade animals and in case of partnership registration, the exhibitor must furnish a statement signed by the youth specialist attesting the ownership and to the fact the animals represent a bonafide 4-H project.

  3. Entries in the 4-H are limited to members who have passed their 8th birthday and have not passed their 19th birthday before Jan. 1st of the current year.


  1. Open only to Missouri and Ringgold and Decatur County, Iowa students enrolled in one of the following types of supervised farming programs during the current school year.

    1. Regularly enrolled students in vocational agriculture classes in high school.

    2. Active members of an FFA Chapter, can show up to the fourth FFA National Convention after graduation

    3. Junior Project workers enrolled in the seventh or eighth grades who were reported on the preliminary supervised farming report for the current year.

  2. All animals entered in the FFA classes are required to be the bonafide property of the exhibitor and a part of his regular supervised farming program. The vocational agriculture instructor supervising the members is held responsible for the enforcement of this rule. Instructors must accompany their students to the show and be responsible for their conduct while there. No premium money will be paid to members who must be reprimanded by the fair board for non-conformance of rules.

PREMIUM SALE ONLY ( Junior Livestock Sale )

Buyers please make arrangements to pay day of sale!
Sunday, September 3rd @ 5:00 PM

Premium Sale is recommended for exhibitors who have not sold in another fair sale this year
  1. Sale open to Market Animals and Breeding Animals. Limited to 1 animal per exhibitor.

  2. Any beef, swine or sheep to be sold has to be shown at the Bethany Fair, Inc. to be eligible.

  3. Any 4-H or FFA member who wants to enter their animal in the sale are required to make entries at time of registration.

  4. Exhibitors must be present. All steers checked for age.

  5. The Junior Livestock Sale will be a premium sale only. All exhibitors will still own their animals. The buyers will pay premium only. If exhibitors want to sell their animals, they may sign up to do this at entry time for sale. If the purchaser wants the animal, he may buy them and pay them exhibitors direct.

  6. Each owner will be responsible for their animal until turned over to the buyer.

  7. Checks will be sent out as soon as arrangements are completed with all buyers.

  8. All Exhibitors must bring their own buyer for support. Local merchants will support local exhibitors first.

  9. Animals will sell by the head.

  10. Entry for Premium Sale will be during animal registrations.


      The Gates Family from Daviess and Harrison County, Missouri has graciously donated money to award three annual scholarships. Each scholarship is for $250.00 and will be awarded on behalf of the Gates Family (Daniel G. Gates, Effie W. Gates, and George O. Gates)


      The eligible applicants are to be 16 years old or younger. The applicant is to reside in Harrison, Mercer, Grundy, Daviess, Gentry, or Worth County, Missouri. The other eligibility requirement is to be involved in a livestock production project through 4-H or their FFA Chapter. Eligible livestock projects are cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits. The money is intended to further finance or expand their livestock project.


Completed applications need to be mailed or emailed by August 23rd to the address listed in the application.   

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